Want to come off the tools? Get paid for giving advice!

Now recruiting for all trade categories!

Help me Fix is helping semi-retired tradespeople all over the country find a way to come off the tools or earn extra money in their spare time by helping tenants solve simple maintenance issues over video. Get paid for your knowledge and experience not your blood sweat and tears.

How It Works

Our mission at Help me Fix is to give Engineers the opportunity to have an additional stream of income and earn money virtually.

You've worked hard to build your skills and knowledge. Why shouldn't you benefit from that and still be able to help people without physically having to go to work and do the job.

Help me Fix gives you the chance to work smarter and choose when you want to work, and when you don’t.

We connect you to tenants via video that have a maintenance issue.

You walk through the problem with them, and if it is a simple fix, show them how to fix it. Or gather information for more complicated faults.

Once the call is finished. Type a few lines into the job report, add your photos and fire it off.

Get paid for the time you’ve spent on calls. No chasing, no invoices, no hassle.

What others say...

“I’ve earned extra money in the comfort of my own home. Advising different clients via video to fix simple problems for example topping pressure up on the boiler. Or for larger more emergency situations where you would find shut off valves for water or even gas. What an absolute great idea for both engineer and client. Five star.”

Martin Bickham, Bathroom and kitchen fitter

“The app has enabled me to generate extra income which is extremely helpful at the moment after being out of work because of the virus pandemic.”

Alan Derbyshire, Gas Engineer

“I didn’t realise how much time I spent not actually doing the job, like driving for instance, until I started making money from Help me Fix. I’m working from home more instead of being stuck in traffic.”

Alfie Dearlove, Plumber

Who Can Apply

Help me Fix is looking for qualified tradespeople from a variety of trades including but not restricted to:

  • Electrical

  • Plumbing & Heating

  • Gas

  • Drainage

Before you sign up to Help me Fix please make sure you read our Engineer Factsheet.

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